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"There is not such thing as Art. There are only artists. Once these were men who took coloured earth and roughed out the form of a bison on the wall of a cave; today some buy their paints, and design posters for hoardings; they did and do many other things. There is no harm in calling all these activities art as long as we keep in mind that such a word may mean very different things in different times and places, and as long as we realize that Art with a capital A has no existence. For Art with a capital A has come to be something of a bogey and a fetish."

E.H. Gombrich, The Story Of Art, 1950

w e


we produce

because creativity is our bread and our butter and our bread and butter

we promote

because we love the bursting sound on an electric guitar and the flashing aroma of an opening night

we help

the most knowledgeable  people in the industry to generate fresh ideas and execute amazing projects


e x p e r i e n c e

dividing line

we are defined by our future but our past is so so beautiful

we come from all walks of life. we have a strong managerial and financial background -seriously-.

we have promoted and produced international tours for major artists. we have booked for so many events we have trouble remembering. we have co-produced theater in london and new york, new york, new york. we have promoted the coolest exhibitions. we fancy doing good business but we tremble when an artist delivers a quality performance.


this is getting really tiresome, lets have a drink and we´ll tell you everything about it. 

check us out

s e r v i c e s




we turn your creative thinking into serious business stuff

booking & 

artist management



you may be seated on top of a diamond mine without even noticing it



side by side, hand by hand, all the way and beyond

if there's magic in the mix, we are more than willing to share the risk 

find us
dividig line

f i n d

u s

Travesía de San isidoro de Sevilla 9, 3B,

Madrid, España

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